1 Month in Second Life

Well I made it to one month today. (I’ve had a better run in Second life than I have with this blog. ) I’ve bounced around to a lot of sims, at least 2 dozen, and did A LOT of shopping. It’s been a fun time, I’ve meet a lot of people and had some fun. Still not hooked on Tiny Empires though 😮 I know sacrilege!!!!!! 🙂

Growning tired of the place where I hang out, not to mention names but it’s a noobi hub so I get a lot just rez’d ers. (look at me I’m just a month old and I’ve already got an attitude) I don’t mind the questions and it’s fun meeting new people and some times it brings interesting discussion. Had an interesting discussion with one newbie who had signed up because of a class assignment. I agreed with a lot of what she said until she said she felt that people’s avatars should look like the typist in RL otherwise we were lying to ourselves. I told her that I thought it was more of a Jungian thing with different aspects of the same personality. Not that I made her change her view but at least she saw my point.

Here’s a look back at the first month change, Kula, still in the freebie clothes, though I think most of them were from Free Dove. The stuff in the STA shot is fairly new so I’ll have to look that up.
The Commons at Kula1 Month in Second Life

Well here’s to another month and seeing what all happens…… Lynd.


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