My time as an amorphous cloud

That\'s me as a cloud, that\'s me in the spot light

I logged on the other morning to run and clean up some stuff I left out last night and for some reason spent the whole 15 minutes as the new “Ruth” (as seen in RC8).

While I will miss Ruth and the comments of my friends “Oh you’re looking Ruthie tonight” or “Hi RuthaLynd”. I kinda like the cloud, in fact there are times where I would rather be the cloud than myself. Not having to deal with clothing or skins or even identity. Though I could see where bing a cloud could cause the whole Second Life economy to suffer… Why do I need clothes or a house or an sexgen bed I’m a cloud. I run through another cloud and call it cloud sech… kinky sech is rain 😉

I’ve gone through a few identity crisis in world, trying to figure who I am, who Lynd is and more than a few times trying to reassure people who I’m not. [I’ve been thinking on Identity with all that’s being written on the blogs right now and have a few thoughts of my own kicking about and will put them to screen hopefully rather shortly].

So I will enjoy my time as a cloud and smile a bit when people say “Hi Cloudy”


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