You get along thinking it will never happen to you. You’re to careful, your too good for something like inventory loss to happen to you… then bam it strikes.

I was getting ready to go have some fun last afternoon and was going to tryout this new gadget I had just gotten, So I selected it and hit wear and it promptly attached to my upper left HUD position, removing my Huddles HUD, “Oh, no prob” I thought, I’ll just make sure I’m not doing a lot of walking till I get back to my sim. Well I got back to the sim I went to reattach the Huddles and it was gone… GONE! It wasn’t anywhere in my inventory…I checked and checked no Huddles version that had my animations in it, just the updated version that I had never had time to set up.

Well now do I not only have to re set up my AO I have to go shopping for the handful of “no copy” animations I had ( mainly dances ). [Don’t get me started on “no copy” animations I mean come on as often as inventory losses happen or our AO vanishes it would be nice to just go back to the animation folder and reload your animations, or I have folders for outfits and different looks that I can just drag on to me for a quick change but then I have to go looking for my AO and load the notecard with the animations for that character…. ugh, but I guess at least we have the opportunity to have animations and not just waddle around like noobs.

The one thing that saddens me the most with this loss is that I have to find my jump again, and I don’t even have a notecard to tell me what it was really called. 😦 I love that jump with a loose flip in mid air, not to showy but it always makes me feel special. When I first came to Nevi, people would get around the campfire and as they’d talk some would just jump up and down; that was the first time I had experienced animation envy. I wanted a special jump not just to show off 😉 but also to fit in. SOooo I searched and searched to find one that was just right, the right amount of fun and flash, I did have to finish it a landing animation which I also ❤ ❤ ❤ but it was just so Lyndzay when I finished. (My alts have the same landing but not the jump so no back up there).

I guess much like in RL just when you think you have everything that makes you… you, something comes along to shake that up.

Sniff……Well off to the search….


2 thoughts on “WAAAaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

  1. i had this happen a few months ago in a way. i rezzed my ao on the ground to add animations and when i took the ao back it ATE over 2k of ao animations… i had to buy them all back, except i had several that were not replaceable because the creator is no longer a member of sl… ugh.. this crap should not happen 😦

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