Floating high above the covers

Went to some of the new AM Radio builds last night with some friends, I was kinda tired so I only took this one picture at the build in Princeton West. I’m actually floating above a bed so I shot from underneath me. I had been thinking of playing with some poseballs to turn me 90 degrees so I could get the biggest image of me that I can (length of the 17″ monitor).

I always get inspired when I go to AM’s build or any really well done build. It makes me want to go back to Nevi and start creating, I don’t know what, but just something 🙂 but then I get discouraged because I haven’t planned it out I just rushed in and then it just sits in my inventory collecting virtual dust until the day I finally empty the trash.

I do have a few projects, at least, that are past that initial stage of doubt. I have a diner that is built and I’m slowly texturing, a fun mixer, to go with my toaster and then a secret version of the Lyndzmatic Toast Launcher 🙂 [don’t know what I’m talking about? check my shops or stop by Liz’s shop Thistle and check it out.


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