Saw it coming and still stood there…

I was over at Skies of Tomorrow practicing flying my new Steampunk Betsy, it was better than flying around Nevi since I didn’t have to worry about parcel Full alerts, but it did make me realize I need a few hundred more hours of flight time, especially landing hahah. It’s much easier to crash land than to make touch down.

Anywho I had just made my last successful landing and had taken in my plane when the bomber flew over head, I thought it was pretty cool so I snapped this pic. I kinda knew what was coming next but still when he dropped his payload on top of me I was in a bit shock… and didn’t get a picture, fortunately damage wasn’t turned on. Me being me, I just laffed it off and hoped he’d do it again so at least I could get a cool pic, but noooo, he just circled some more, I guess waiting to see what I’d do.

Well after a few I got bored and went back to Nevi and flew some friendlier skies.

Ok… those were with the RCAF colors, which I normally don’t fly with but hey I can dream 😉


2 thoughts on “Saw it coming and still stood there…

  1. Thanks 🙂 I have fun flying, it’s the landing that is the hardest part 🙂 just don’t land (read crash) in damage enabled areas 🙂 but any one you can walk away from. haha

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