Worthy Cause… cool ride

I read the other on New World Notes about AM Radio’s latest social project; Raising money for the Nothing but Nets project.

Nothing But Nets is a grassroots campaign to save lives by preventing malaria, a leading killer of children in Africa. While the UN Foundation has been working with the UN to fight malaria for years, it was a column that Rick Reilly wrote about malaria in Sports Illustrated, challenging each of his readers to donate at least $10 for the purchase of an anti-malaria bed nets — and the incredible response from thousands of Americans across the country — that led to the creation the Nothing But Nets campaign.

When you purchase AM’s D90 Jeep (L$2500 [approximately $10]) he will donate 100% of the sale to Nothing But Nets. A good and worthy cause and you get a cool jeep that is Modable (except for the scripts) to tulle around SL in [Plus it’s right hand drive so extra cool points for that 🙂 ]

The jeep can be found at The Far Away [Direct Link] and remember it’s the D90 🙂

A simple way to save a life.


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