Mistaken Idenity

Last night I went to go see Grace McDunnough play over at Island Fantasies, always a good way to spend an evening 🙂 . I arrived a little late so there was already a good crowd of people there, I recognized a bunch of the names on my Mystitool as regulars; but a new location also means new people. So I placed myself closer to the stage and then pulled the camera away and started scanning the room. After a quick lap around the venue I started zooming back in and stopped when I saw the back of my head. [I hate hitting the ESC key ’cause I always wind up spinning like a dervish 😉 ]

I kept the camera there for a song then all of the sudden then avi went Hoooooo!, which I do not have. WTF ?!? then it hit me… That wasn’t me… HaHaha. You spend alot of time in SL staring at the back of your head but I had forgotten what mine looked like, heck I wasn’t even a blonde that night 😉 I must really be getting old.

Oh before anyone says it I had the names turned off since I had been shooting some video.

Please say I’m not the only one that has had this happen. hahaha ~Lyndz


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