I thought I saw a Torley…


I did, I did see a Torley.

I was out with the group last night at Arc Space checking out Bryn Oh’s  take on Edward Gorey’s Gashleycrumb Tinies and her music boxes.

We were standing around talking and catching up when all of a sudden a bright glow appears and two people start moving around. I looked at the names on the radar going hmm those names look familiar, when he appeared in my camera and I went d’oh…. hahaha.

Torley Olmstead and Ravenelle Zugzwang were out and about last night, I had never seen Torley in person, I did go by his area when I first rezzed in SL  so I had to get a few snaps off. I’m not a star struck fan 🙂 I think of it more like bird watching, a way to say yes I’ve seen that one 🙂



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