A Second visit to arcspace

I went back to arcspace yesterday to have a better look around, I always go back or I go before when I go with friends. Just so I can explore at my own pace and take some pictures without worrying that they have walked off without me. [I even do this in RL if at all possible, it is a bit embarrassing when the tram drives off while you are trying to get that one more shot… hahaha 🙂 ]

I’m so glad that I did. It just so happened that the artist, Bryn Oh, was there and I got to talk to her for a few minutes. It is fun talking to artists, I enjoy it both in RL and SL I wish I could do it as easily in SL as I can in RL, I guess as I explore and see more of the artist’s work it will come more freely.

Bryn asked me if I had found the hidden buttons and the secrets of the sculptures. I laughed and said no, I was just looking and not touching. She took me over to the Rabbicorn sculpture, which she said was her favorite and showed me the button in it’s nose, then at the end of the poem say [type] “Rabbicorn” and the base will open and you’ll see the end of the poem.

These are really amazing sculptures both in design and with the scripting that went into making them interactive and animated. Bryn is a really talented artist and I look forward to seeing more of her work across the grid… I’m thinking field trip (anyone want to come along?)

A big plus for me was that I got to give her one of my Toasters, it’s just a honor for me to give someone who’s work I enjoy, something that I made.

Rabbicorn and Robot Girl
Rabbicorn and Robot Girl

I really like the Robot Girl sculpture, and the setting it is in, I don’t know if it’s the colors from my windlight settings but it gives me the feeling of a Di Chirico painting (Mystery and Melancholy of a Street to be specific).

Visit arcspace here
Read more about the exhibit and Bryn at the NPIRL blog


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