Treasure Hunt

Usually I’m not one for treasure hunts, I mean I’ll do them but if I have other things on my list I’ll hunt for awhile and then go off and do something else and figure out what I found later. But the other day I saw on the NPiRL blog a post telling of the one year anniversary Metamorphoses Treasure Hunt at Firespire.

Collect all six gears and Nimbus Rau will give you this great Steampunk Kitty avatar. 🙂 (You’ve got til midnight SLT on September 16th) The hunt really won’t take that long, I’ll admit I went back a couple of times because I was still looking for a gear. (Think I found the hard ones first then couldn’t find the easy ones hahah)

Underwater at Metamorphoses
Underwater at Metamorphosis

I think it’s a great avatar, it makes me laff and that’s the most important thing right? I went ad had some fun with it, trying to catch the neighbour’s Pterodactyl. I never did, but I think it was a little nervous seeing a jet packing kitty. (I’ll so give you natural selection)


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