The Great Toast(er) Revolution

Toaster Hold

Well I don’t know if it’s a revolution but it does seem to be an obsession for alot of people out there on the grid, myself included πŸ˜‰

For me it all started shortly after I came on the grid in ’07 and was outed as a cyber virgin… after this now friend shouted sim wide that she had found “one” I quickly quipped great now do you get a toaster?Β  A few months after that I presented to my friends the first version of the Lyndzmatic Flaming Toast Launcher It was a fun little toy pelting your friends with exploding pieces of toast…what more could an avatar want?


Well… in the almost year that I’ve been selling it I’ve found out what more an avatar could want πŸ™‚

So without further ado, I present the Lyndzmatic Flaming Toast Launcher V2.0 It has all of the fun of the old toaster plus more.

[From the note card: ]

Who hasn’t dreamed of pelting their friends with burning exploding toast. Well now with the Lyndz-matic Flaming Toast Launcher that dream can be a reality.


The Lyndzmatic Flaming Toast Launcher 2.0 now is now has menu controlled options.

Just touch the toaster, at any time, to access the menus to adjust:

POSE: These options will bring your hands closer to the proper position to hold the toaster. If the pose options freezes while you are searching for the proper size, just detach and reattach and it will be working.

TOASTED: Now you have the options of firing Toast, Waffles or Bagels as well as hiding or showing the items sitting in the toaster.

CORD: Select whether if the cord is seen or hidden.

Solid Colors
Solid Colors
Yellow Flames Graphic
Yellow Flames Graphic
Green Flames Graphic
Green Flames Graphic

COLOR: Select the color of your toaster from 27 color variations: Aqua, Black, Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver, Yellow. As well as two styles of flames graphics for each color.



Other than that it’s still “Wear the Toaster on your right hand and enter Mouselook and let the fun begin. Point, click and TOAST! (or WAFFLES! or BAGELS!) πŸ™‚

Also enclosed are 3 wearable slices of toasted goodness (Toast, Waffle and Bagel) they attach to your mouth, touch them to turn them into facelights πŸ™‚

The Lyndzmatic Flaming Toast Launcher is available in world at Thistle – Fair Haven Designs Mainstore as well as some of it’s other locations.

Feel free to buy copies at OnRez and XStreet SL to give as gifts, it is the perfect gift for house warmings, weddings or those special moments when it can only be said with flaming burnt toast.


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