My SL looks like this…. sometimes

I saw on HeadBurro Antfarm’s and Dale Innis’s blogs a thread on what their SL looks like. A view from the other side of the viewer. A chance to peek and see what I’m looking at when you think I’m looking at you 😉 or when I should be looking at you.

Well here it is or how it was last night.


now the details, the whats and the whys:

Name: I almost always keep them on. I have turned them off in really large groups but that’s usually when I’m done looking for people to talk to and will just concentrate on the few IM’s I have going on. (it was awhile before I learned that I could click on the names and pull up the pie menu, now it’s the only way I do it 🙂 )

Group tags: Leave them on just because…. sometimes it’s funny thought like some I’m tired of seeing “so and so’s Lurv Muffin” tags. I use to look at the groups people belonged to but after seeing blank charter after blank charter I gave up.

Chat Bubbles: UGH! I tried them and it drove me crazy I can’t deal with them.

Mini Map: I keep it open when I’m out exploring or out looking for people. I like it rotating so when I’m flying I can keep a bearing.

Camera/Movement controls: Ok I’ll admit I keep these up and I DO use them, sometimes it’s out of laziness if I’m laying on the couch and can’t get my hand just right to use the track pad or to jump or take off instead of an across the keyboard one hand spread. (I do hate the fn key being on the opposite side of the keyboard sometimes).

HUDs: I have three that I wear all the time and that’s about it my Huddles for my AO and dances I keep it compacted most of the time unless I’m really dancing. My Mystitool, don’t leave home without it, the radar is something I can’t live without. Third is a little TP-hud a friend made, since I hang out an estate that has a telehub it’s a great way to get around in each sim, (as long as you can rez the transporter) It’s a small circle on the screen much like the Mystitool so very low profile.

Text Color: I had changed my color to a grey but now after playing with the imprudence viewer I have changed it to a blue but it might get changed back soon 🙂

Selection Beam: On, it’s the only way I can keep up with some people and just the default color.

Hovertips: On Always unless I accidently turn them off via keystrokes trying to hide/show my huds for filming.

UI windows:I’ll keep a couple of windows open when I’m working, inventory and a couple of scripts and notecards but when I’m walking around it’s just the IM and contact window, I’ll even close the local talk window.

Search area: It’s there but never use it, honestly I always forget about it 🙂

UI Size: what ever the default is I’ve never played with it.

Bandwidth and Cache: Again what ever the default is, never knew really what this did so I never messed with it.

Graphics: I’m always playing with these, I’ll max everything out when I’m taking photos or shooting a video but most of the time it’s on low with the draw distance set on 96m or 128m. The one thing I always do is turn off avatar impostors, it never seems to be consistent people are always turning into impostors way to close for me. I’ll have to try the suggestion of turning down the video memory that Dale mentioned.

Weblinks I have them open in the external browser. I just prefer to do it that way, cause when I get with my friends there are always weblinks flying around this way I can just tab between the links.

Logging: never in Old growth sims hehe I do log chat & IMs. I like having the ability to go back if I need to quote or when someone tells me how to do something and to pick up cyber tips 😉

Camera constraints Disabled ever since I saw the Torley video tips back in my first months.

Away: Never use it, besides I use my Mystitool’s anti away feature so even when I do use it it gets bumped.

Busy: Use it very rarely, used it last week while i was working on some scripts and animations but only so few and far between. I do wonder what I’m missing even though it says things will be logged, I never see anything….Maybe nothing happened while I was working haha.

Look at recent chatting person: I play with it occasionally but not on any regular basis, though I might start playing with it more 🙂

Well that’s how I see SL , well how I see it before I clutter it up working on some project, which really I should be starting right about now. 🙂


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