Scrumptious Grey

scrumptious-grey Ok things have been a little grey lately, both with the weather and with the SLOOOOOOooooooooWWWWWW loading of textures, and with a little extra time on my hands I have been playing dress up šŸ™‚

I saw over on Re*Myself the other day some things from Cachet so I tp’d over to see what they had that struck my fancy. I picked up a number of things including a coat, this vest and skirt. I had been wanting pink hair for awhile now since when I was in my RL salon and the girl in the chair next to me had the best shade of bubblegum pink. (I have enough sense to know I can’t pull that off in RL but in world I knew I could šŸ˜‰ ) So… when I remembered seeing a pink style of my new favorite hat & hair I started building this outfit, a pair of my favorite boots, a nice men’s silk shirt and to add some warmth Boom’s shoulder warmers and Voila! (as ms. Grace McDunnough said) I look Scrumptious šŸ˜‰

Skin: *REDGRAVE* Tan skin 01 -Lyla
Hair: (CS) Devyn Hair Pink – Bubblegum
Eyes: S@R_002B eyes _bright-green_100%

Shoulders: *BOOM* Warm Shoulders -Black
Vest: Cachet-DIETRICH-vest…blacks / grayscale1
Shirt: *Muism* Fine Silk Shirt/Dark silver
Gloves: Cachet-Gloves Black
Skirt: Cachet-SOLANGE skirt Gray_1
Stockings: ::Hi Standard:: Giselle Stocking (Noir)
Boots: INSOLENCE Natasha Charcoal Boots
Glasses: /artilleri/ gabriella glasses *black*


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