Okay I thought I’d play along with this meme which I saw on Rik & Osiris’ blog which is a link from Pretty-Pretty Dress-up

1. Take a snapshot of your Home location in SL. (Post-process as much or as little as you wish; if you want to do a collage of things from your SL home, that’s cool, too!)
2. Post snapshot to your blog, plurk timeline, flickr stream, whatever.
3. Comment here (http://tinyurl.com/ctrl-shift-h) with link to your participation post/plurk/whatever.


Okay this is the actual landing point. I’ve done things up for the holidays and for winter but things remain pretty much the same when the snow clears, though the fire pit does go away when the weather warms up. 🙂


I’ve always liked the idea of a ornamental tree lined entrance to a house so this is my little take on it. I wish that Botanical had snow topped versions of these trees for the season.


and another shot looking down the lot with the lighted trees and my dock along with the lights for play area 🙂

Well that’s my home hope to see yours



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