25 Random things

Ok I was tagged over on Facebook by my friend Lanna 🙂 with the whole 25 random things about me meme. I thought about it and came up with 25 but I don’t have that many Facebook friends so I decided to also post the list here so people could see it. 🙂

So here’s the list:

1. My first computer was a Sinclair ZX81 with the 16K RAM module (which I still have)

2. I have three saxophones and still play two of them occasionally. I played tenor sax in band and got a soprano sax my junior year plus there is an old C melody that was my uncles that I keep around, though it doesn’t play.

3. I’ve lived three quarters of my life in the same small town. (I moved away for college plus 5 more years there before coming back.)

4. My dream careers as a child were: drag racer (my uncle was one), an art forger (thought it was a good way to get in museums) or international jewel thief (the opening scene in the Return of the Pink Panther had me hooked).

5. I really do not have an obsession with toast or toasters. They are just fun 🙂

6. I commute 100 miles a day round trip.

7. I went to college wanting to be the next Bob Villa but had a great photography instructor so I became a photographer instead.

8. I saw a UFO when I was 9 years old. I let the dog out one night and saw a large glowing mass moving over the trees a block away, I slammed the door and hid in my room. (it was the 70’s aliens and bigfoot were everywhere.

9. I have always been the first person to hold the position for which I was hired. (it’s good making up all the rules plus no one can say well so an so use to do it differently.

10. All members of my immediate family have “L” as their middle initial.

11. I have used Photoshop since version 2.0 (I learned it over the shoulder of my photography instructor.)

12. I started SL in August 2007 as research for a project at work that never happened, but stayed anyway. (plus that NY Times article made me curious)

13. In school I always wanted a teacher to mispronounce my name. (Its a very easy name, though I did have someone misspell my last name.)

14. I love learning languages, I get the books and tapes, learn some words and phrases, but get discouraged when I try to speak to a native. ( French was the only language I took classes for, but I don’t remember much)

15. I have been to the roof of the Kölner Dom (the Cathedral in Cologne Germany) I was part of a group that was documenting the ruins of St. Kolumba one of the original 13 Romanesque churches in Cologne. We needed a photo showing it’s relationship to the Dom.

16. I did not take my first plane flight until I was 25. (We drove to NYC on a job and then flew back, no one knew I had never flown before that moment.)

17. I collect (buy obsessively) notebooks in preparation for an attack of epomania (craze for writing epics)

18. I’ve been told I am “harder to get a hold of than the Queen of England”…by someone who would know.

19. I love the sound of minor chords.

20. I am shyer than Lyndzay in RL, but unfortunately that is starting to creep into SL instead of the other way.

21. I build anime garage kits ( well I did before SL ) it was the reason I started learning Japanese (see # 14).

22. I usually get 5 hours of sleep a night.

23. I have read every book in the Travis McGee series by John D McDonald at least twice.

24. Lawrance of Arabia is a movie that I will watch every time I run across it on TV.

25. I don’t have 25 Facebook friends to send this to. :/


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