Who was I thinking about?….

Snapshot_001It’s been awhile since I have written anything here so I though I would ease back into it with a meme that has been running around. I saw it over on Lanna’s blog and GoSpeed’s blog but it originates with Zoe Connolly.

So the question is Lyndzay Meili… “Who influenced your avatar?”

Hmmm That is a good question. I mean I have been using poser for many years now and am pretty familiar with pushing sliders around to make meshes look like other things, so I think I could have made her look like anyone I wanted to withe enough work or gone to a shape maker if I so chose. I guess the question on some level goes deeper than the mesh that Second Life gives use to play with. It asks what characteristic do we see in ourselves that we want to bring into our virtual life and what characteristics that we feel are lacking in our real life, or what ones in other people both real and fictional, do we want to give to our avatar.

As I explored the grid I found that I enjoyed dancing, no not the grinding on a pole for lindens though that can be fun too, I mean the just break into dance for dance’s sake It was fun and I liked watching the movements. So I knew that she would have a dancer build, tall with long legs and not voluptuous, but not androgynous. So as I started adjusting things I found that I was drawn to the look of a few famous people and some close friends and watched Lyndzay take shape and inhabit the grid and my mind.

tea-leoniThe major influences on my appearance was Tea Leoni. I remember the first time I saw her in that Fox show “Flying Blind” and she was all Bohemian flaky gorgeous and full of adventure then later on “The Naked Truth” as Norah Wilde she showed a bit more style. The thing I liked most about her was that she looked comfortable and confidant in pearls and a fancy dress but equally comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. Yes she had style and fabulously good looks but on top of it all she was funny and sarcastic (qualities that I have been know from time to time possess, ok sarcasm I have with me almost 24-7). While in some of her roles Tea does have red hair, I’ll admit that my red hair( when I wear it) is an homage to one of my best friends in RL who’s red hair I have always liked. 🙂

jill-hennessyAnother person who influenced the look of my avatar was Jill Hennessy, more of the Law & Order years than the Crossing Jordan years (she looked a little to rough for me in that role, just rolled out of bed or something) It was another case of looking very put together as A.D.A. Claire Kincaid but in this case it was always professionalism and a sense of strength able to hold her own in the world. Though I always wish she did more with her hair.

Well those are two of the people who influenced my avatar. As I implied there were also some close RL friends who played a part in the look and personality of Lyndz but I think I’ll keep those to myself 😉


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