99 plus1

…that’s what I got when I counted poses in the shop last night. 99 individual poses and 1 two person poseball set… oh and a Toaster.

Is that a lot? Is it enough to really think that I am in the pose business? Sure I need more group poses, maybe 5? 10? But then again there are shops that just sell individual poses so why should I have to have a certain number of poses to consider my shop a business. I mean I devote time to making poses and I put them out for sale so really that is a business right?

But what about all the other stuff that it takes to make a business: blogs, promotion, advertising, socializing. I’ve been very lax on that. Heck I have had a stand alone store since May? and have I mentioned it, Ok I haven’t made many blog posts lately, but I think that should have been blog worthy. Also 99 poses plus the two person pose and I have only posted photos of maybe a third of them. That is the thing about poses, while you have to take pictures of your finished build build before you box it up and set it for sale. Poses, well, you just drop in the pose vendor. Because everyone needs to see how they work on them. Sure I would do them when I would sell pose sets but then I got hung up on picking the right outfit for the pose shoot, but now I realized I should just wear something that doesn’t block the pose. no skirts or big attachments, let the fashion bloggers pick their outfits 🙂

So in the effort to start running a business I have taken a few steps and from some of them I have been pleased with the results.

  1. 1 I have secured the lyndzmatic.wordpress.com blog and will start posting stuff about Lyndz-Matic updates there. This blog will continue to be random ramblings.
  2. 2 I have started sending out poses to bloggers and people who’s photos I like on flickr (if you join the [Lyndz-Matic] flickr group I’ll send you some I’m working on now and then)
  3. 3 I am working on ads to run in a fashion magazine and on websites

Will it help get my name out there?

It already has. I was invited to open a shop on the new Starlust Elliot sim Yay 🙂

So I am making progress.


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