Good girl goes bad…


Ok I’ll admit that I saw the GI Joe movie this weekend and for a movie based off of an 80’s cartoon, based off of a toy line it was a pretty good flick. I’ll also admit that I was rather taken by Sienna Miller as Baroness so when I got home I just had to squeeze into my catsuit and head off and get into some trouble 😉

I headed over to my latest photo stalking grounds of SICK (SICK3 this time) and found a spot that gave me the look I wanted, well it was my second choice I couldn’t figure out how to make my first choice work since all the places to stand were phantom 😦 but I’ll keep that spot in mind for something else.

Anywho, as I started setting up the shot I was already thinking about post work on it, and decided to do something I hadn’t tried before (well I had played with it but was still figuring it out). I decided that I was going to play with the depth of field, using the Lens blur in Photoshop, so I made sure to save a depth shot of each setup to my hard drive along with the regular shots.

Here’s the shot as I took it:

and here is the depth map for that shot:baroness_start_depthmap

I wasn’t sure the look was that noticeably different, but then I put them side by side and you can really see the effect.

There is some potential with this technique and I’m going to explore it a bit more. I also want to figure out the best was to let objects in the foreground go out of focus too for a much more realistic depth of field effect.

[If people are interested in the technique I could go into some depth about my process in another post]


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