Before the Dawn


A little darker (ok a lot darker) image and I mean that in the luminance not the subject matter.

Just exploring a lot of different techniques, I think on this one I really got the lights where I wanted them and shot them in different places so I could blend the images together. I am also still playing with the lens blur but not as much blur, plus I will go in and work the blur in or out in places.

Plus I had a lot of new outfits to play around with so I have been in a picture taking mood. 🙂

  • Pose: [Lyndz-Matic] Just Relax
  • Skin: [the oBscene] BRAELYN Seraphina OP Gift ~ Tone 3
  • Hair: [the oBscene] Trish (custom tint)
  • Lashes: Total Betty Meeme Lashes
  • Outfit: G111 Ruby Body
  • Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
  • Location: my Workshop in Thistle

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