According to the numbers

Picture 1

I saw over on JuicyBomb where Gogo had ran her avatar through the Facial Beauty Analysis at

So being one that always likes to pick apart my avatar I decided to follow the crowd 😉 and give it a go.

So I logged in and took a snap and uploaded it, placed the markers, (fairly easy enough, though I wonder if being bald would have made it easier) Pushed the button and out pops a score of 8.81 out of 10? Really? It thinks my ears are too long for my nose? and my mouth is too wide for my nose? but still gives me an 8.81 [just for reference it gave my rl picture a 7.7, both Lyndz and I have ears that are too long for our nose, hehehe.]

Does it really matter? No, not really. I like the way I look minus some grumbling about my nose depending on the skin of the moment. That and well obsessing over my mouth, making sure my upper lip isn’t to thin, after it was pointed out, in real life, that I have a preference for people with thin upper lips so I felt a need to make sure Lyndz’s lips were more balanced (hahahah).

It’s funny to see what the “experts” say, but is it gonna make me change or worry about anything? Nope, no ear shorting or mouth narrowing/nose widening in my future.

Now I can go back to worrying more important things, like that I am too tall around my friends but too short when I head out on the grid.

  • Skin: Curio Acorn [Light] Sunny – Umbra 2
  • Hair: Truth Sable – Expresso
  • Eyes: MADesigns EYES Intense – Patient

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