A Bestest Friend’s Celebration of Love


This past week in one of my bestest friends in SL had a wedding, well a Celebration of Love. It was a great event with friends, music, dancing and tears of joy. I think it was a beautiful event. I’ll post some pictures later on, I still need to get the photos to the happy couple, so it would be wrong to give you all a look before they got to see them

I had been to a few weddings in world, ones of people I knew and then ones of friends of friends.The one thing that made this one different for me personally is that my friend asked me to take some pictures, to which I said yes of course. I would have anyway, but now I had a mission and a shot list. I have photographed a few wedding in real life, well just enough to know that I don’t really want to do them for a living. Even with that experience, I thought “oh this would be a fun way to give back to them” and happily clicked away during the ceremony and the following reception.

As I was going through the photos, I started thinking about how photographing virtual weddings are in ways similar and also very different. So here’s a little list I made up…

      At a real life wedding, you never have to worry if the couple and guests are fully rezzed in each shot
      At a virtual wedding if you don’t like where the sun is in a shot you can move it, unless the couple have decided on a windlight setting 🙂
      You can get amazing angles without ever leaving your seat or blocking any other persons view at a virtual wedding.
      At either wedding, someone will dance into that amazing candid you were framing up.
      The only crashes you have to worry about in a real life wedding is from drunk party guests.
      The a fore mentioned drunk guest won’t be bumping your camera in a SL wedding.
      Pose balls…might make RL wedding photography easier.
      Forgetting to “/1 hide” the unused pose balls during the first dance
      Two words that make RL wedding photography better…Motor drives!
      and the thing that is absolutely the same in rl and virtual weddings… If you ask me to do shoot your wedding and I say yes… then you are someone special to me

Photo Info:

    Skin: Gala Acorn— [Light] Sunny-Umbra 1
    Hair: TRUTH— Ana – Copper
    Hat: LeLutka— AUDREY Hat Black
    Glasses: FNKY!— Luna Glasses White
    Dress: Musashi-Do— Waving Heart (Night Passion)
    Shoes: Maitreya Gold— Esprit-Xtd Noir
    Necklace and Earrings: Evangeline— Coal
    Bracelet: Zaara— Pallav Clear Bracelet
    Cameras: [Lyndz-Matic]— L1 (in development…let me know if you are interested in one and maybe I’ll finally finish them )
    Gazebo: custom by Parker McTeague
    Location: Sky meadow in Thistle designed by Liz Gealach

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