Soul Evolution at Burning Life


Haven’t really been up to much lately, I’ve been in a little (ok long) creative slump, BUT I did want to let you know of one thing that I have worked on.

My partner Liz Gealach has a build up at Burning life called Soul Evolution and I did the animations for it. Liz had asked for something joyful and leapy without the bounds of gravity. So I made up five little animations for her.

Please stop buy Soul Evolutions and check out the build (Up til November 1) it really is a lot of fun and a nice place to sit and think.

From the notecard:

Soul Evolution
by Liz Gealach

This creation or area to reflect is a 3D interpretation of reincarnation and the evolution of my soul.

I believe that each person must use their time on earth to learn or enlighten their soul. Once we move on we have a brief time to reflect and gain awareness of what we learned so we can then in turn use that knowledge in our next lifetime. “Soul Evolution” is a reflection of that time we have between lives … a time we can see the knowledge we have gained and share it with other souls.

Please come inside and walk through time. Reflect on what your soul has learned and what it may be learning right now. Sit on a small colored disc to rejoice in your souls evolution. Hope, Forgiveness, Generosity, and Compassion are all journey’s of learning our soul must take to truly understand and experience the ultimate knowledge of LOVE.


SLurl:Soul Evolution – Rabbithole Burning Life

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