I am not now nor have I ever been…

3 thoughts on “I am not now nor have I ever been…”

  1. What just kills me about this is if the dude is selling copies of national flags, its not like he has actual content to steal. Anyone can download those images and with the use of a rudimentary building skills and a Torley video, make flags on their own.

    I would like to know the name of the shop so I never spend my lindens there.

  2. They’re probably going to have a tough time keeping customers if they’re worried that everyone is a copybotter. Unfortunately, it seems like it is simply part of the challenge of doing business in SL these days.

  3. that was nuts .. if anyone should have been booted i would have thought they would have booted me .. i was in edit on a bunch of stuff being curious of how things are put together always. Would have thought that would raise more red flags then just browsing around. OMG that girl is “walking” we MUST stop her !!! ** watches the mad band of copybot detectives rush lynd **

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