Climbing on chairs

2 thoughts on “Climbing on chairs”

  1. Blender can be a tough learning curve, but glad you like Avastar 😉

    Something you might find useful for these kind of poses is to use the IK constraints for the hand on the hip and to add a “Child Of” constraint to the IK bone, targeting it at the pelvis. The effect will be to stick the hand to the hip so when you move and pose the body the hand adjusts automatically to stay on the hip.

    1. Thanks Magus, I will have to try that, I’m familiar with IK from using it in Poser, but I will have to admit I haven’t been successful with it in Avastar, I need to go back and watch Gaia’s videos… something isn’t clicking for me hahaha, but I am sure it will help once I get the hang of it

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