Halloween Meme time


On top of what seemed like a week of Halloween in both SL and RL This past Saturday Liz Gealach held a Day of the Dead party in Virtue. She outdid herself in decorating the dance platform into a cemetery full of spooky and color.


Time to try to get back in the swing of things with a Halloween meme from Strawberry Singh ūüôā

  1. Did you go trick or treating as a child? Yes, I did. My sister and I usually were taken by our older cousins, I don’t really remember when I stopped. I think it was 6th or 7th grade.
  2. What was the best Halloween costume you ever saw or wore yourself? Most years I dressed up in store bought costumes, you know the ones, the one pieces with the plastic mask, which is odd because my father made uniforms for re-enacting. The one costume I remember was from a few years back up in NYC was a guy dressed up as Seigfried (and Roy)  and had a stuffed tiger stuck to his neck. (Tasteless but I still remember it)
  3. What is your most vivid memory about Halloween? The first memory that comes to mind is hanging on to the roll bar of my cousins  jeep as they drove us to all the good candy neighbourhoods  and threatening to take a turn too fast and throw us out.
  4. What is the scariest movie you have ever seen? Hmmm, The one that sticks with me is when I saw Paranormal Activity that one had me scared for days,
  5. Do you ever get nightmares after watching a scary movie? Not really, the scary monsters don’t really get to me, but after watching Paranormal Activity I was seeing things in the dark for a night or two.
  6. Are you superstitious? If so, name at least one superstition of yours. Not really, nothing I have to do or things will fall apart.
  7. What will you be doing for Halloween this year, if anything, in SL and RL? Didn’t do anything in RL, living across the street from a mega church, cuts down on the trick or treaters. In SL hung out with friends and ran around checking out all the halloween sims.

Halloween party  in Virtue 2013 Hosted and built by the Lovely and ever talented Liz Gealach


  • Skin: :GP: Acorn [Dark] Chic-Noir 2
  • ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† :GP: Acorn [Dark] Cleavage-Option 1
  • Makeup:.:: Delusions ::. Sorrow Runny Mascara 04
  • Hair: ::Exile:: Pulse:Raven/Sin
  • Dress: {MV} Raven Queen Dress Limited Release
  • Wings: ::{Favole}:: Fallen
  • Accessories: -ATTIC- Plague Masque Gold
  • Skull Bucket:¬† Nuville // Token of Affection
  • Tattoo: Vestigium – Corset Tattoo Faded
  • Shoes: {MV} Raven Queen Shoes

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