Before the Dawn

A little darker (ok a lot darker) image and I mean that in the luminance not the subject matter. Just exploring a lot of different techniques, I think on this one I really got the lights where I wanted them and shot them in different places so I could blend the images together. I am … Continue reading Before the Dawn


Okay I thought I’d play along with this meme which I saw on Rik & Osiris’ blog which is a link from Pretty-Pretty Dress-up Instructions: 1. Take a snapshot of your Home location in SL. (Post-process as much or as little as you wish; if you want to do a collage of things from your … Continue reading Ctrl-Shift-H

Rainy day work

We’ve been under a tropical storm warning for the past couple of days and finally the rains started last night. The office had gone to only necessary people, and I was told the reps had cleared my calendar so I was playing around this morning taking a couple of snapshots with Tetsumi Kawanishi up in … Continue reading Rainy day work